Computer Dynamics

Computer Dynamics is a software development company that is in need of a proper logical design system. It has about 300 computer networks with 100 computers in different buildings. The current system is badly designed, and the architecture requires an innovative change. The access layer is made up of the LANs connections since the company has different buildings with computers; introducing a wireless LAN with various access points such as switches and hubs is necessary.  The design should fit the need of the company. The design layout should also include a distribution layer which contains switches to reduce traffic of data transfer and also provide easy access.

It contains about 300 computers in different buildings. Thus it requires a core layer which connects each of the building. The company can acquire a router which can direct flow of information to the various locations reducing data traffic. The data center is a crucial part of the company, which handles the information distributed to the rest of the buildings. The data center should be in a centralized position which is accessible to all and also in a secure place to reduce unwanted access of information. 

It is a service provider company, and it requires access to the costumers at any given time. Thus it requires an enterprise edge. The enterprise edge should include both the Internet access and e-commerce edge. The internet access provides global interaction of the consumer and company thus increasing their service provision. Also, the e-commerce edge provides data exchange through electronic connection from the customer to the enterprise. The assumptions made includes the company offers a broad range of services to different costumers worldwide and the cost of setting up this design.

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